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Back in my day...

2008-06-24 00:44:16 by Red-Wolf

I apologize that everything I have promised has not come to be. I also just realized that I haven't even updated (except for that song) since December last year. So if you cannot tell by now, the Spidey sequels I promised were postponed. Spidey gets Jailtime was half finished when I left off. It wasn't turning out as I hoped. None of it seemed as funny as it was in my head and in my writing. That stuff just happens sometimes. As for Spidey Gets Rehab, everything was written. Me and Courtney Leacock wrote the script and it turned out pretty hilarious. I went on the VA site to get voice actors and a few people auditioned, but unfortunetley I got tied up and some of them didn't email me back. Only about an eigth of the character art was finished including, new art for Spiderman, the human torch, venom, and some characters i hadn't used before like Black cat (which only got half finished) and Daredevil. I also only finished about a fourth of the 3D backrounds and models and only did some concept art for the 2D backrounds. At this point I don't know if I will ever finish it but I hope too when I have more time. Right now Im only going to be doing shorter cartoons that don't require too many resources because I don't have enough time to put into longer cartoons like Spidey Gets Rehab. (Judging by the script length the cartoon would have ended up at least 15 minutes long). Maybe in the future I will retry doing Spidey Gets Rehab and I might work on it in bits and pieces along the way but right now its postponed indefinetley. Spidey Gets Jailtime is just downright canceled. Im sorry to anyone that is dissappointed by this (if anybody actually is haha).

~Red Wolf

Spidey Gets Jailtime

2007-12-09 21:30:46 by Red-Wolf

While In production of Spidey Gets Rehab, I have decided to make a short that will take place between Spidey Gets Stoned and Spidey Gets Rehab. It will be released within the next month. It will tell the tale of the days that Spidey spends in jail after being arrested in Spidey Gets Stoned for being in posession of illegal shrooms. It only be a short though. Nothing too long. After that I will be working on a couple other things along with the continuing Production of Spidey Gets Rehab, which I think will be complete sometime next summer.

~Red Wolf

Spidey Gets Jailtime


2007-12-04 19:55:10 by Red-Wolf

I got a new computer today. It runs great and im pretty sure im in love with it haha. Anyway I will resume work on Spidey gets Rehab and other stuff.

~Red Wolf

Spidey Gets Stoned Is On Air

2007-07-23 15:05:22 by Red-Wolf

Damn I need a new computer... The one i usually work on doesnt like the new newgrounds so I had to take it upstairs to a different computer to upload it... oh well its up and you should go watch it!

~Red Wolf

Spidey Gets Stoned Finished

2007-07-23 13:41:05 by Red-Wolf

SPidey Gets Stoned is finished.... I have one really frustrating problem though.... The newgrounds submit page isnt working for me... I up load all my files and enter all the information needed and then when i press submit it says "please indicate which .swf file you would like to use"

If anyone could help me here that would be grand as for now Im gonna try and figure it out on my own.

Spidey Gets Stoned In The Works

2007-07-19 10:32:52 by Red-Wolf

This summer I will bring you the project too long in the making... due too procrastination, laziness... and xbox live. SPIDEY GETS STONED! The Not so long awaited sequel to Spidey Gets Drunk. I will probably finish it by the end of next month.

~Red Wolf